Dangerous parking outside schools

New automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) enabled CCTV cameras have been installed outside a number of schools across Salford to crackdown on drivers who put children’s lives at risk.

This follows ongoing complaints from schools, parents and residents about dangerous and inconsiderate parking. The new cameras are in addition to patrols by civil enforcement officers.

If you park legally, safely and considerately, or can walk or cycle when taking your child to school you need have no concerns about receiving a penalty.


  • Yellow 'school-keep-clear' zig-zag markings outside schools - mean no stopping- not even to let out a passenger.
  • A double yellow line - means 'no parking at any time' (no signage required).
  • A single yellow line - means 'no parking' restrictions apply at certain times. Check signs attached to signposts or lampposts nearby, which will advise when the no parking single yellow line restrictions are in force.

Always park your vehicle with consideration for residents who live near schools and don’t obstruct their driveways or make it difficult for them to get to their homes. 

Be kind and thoughtful – it sets a good example to your children and other parents.

Don’t risk a child, don’t risk a penalty 

You may receive a £70 penalty charge notice (PCN)  for disobeying a yellow zig-zag line restriction outside a school or any other yellow line restriction. The penalty is reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days.

If caught on camera you may receive the notice through the post. If a civil enforcement officer is in the area they may place the penalty notice on your vehicle or arrange for it to be sent by post if the motorist drives away before receiving the notice.

Report a problem

If you have concerns about parking outside a particular school, please use the parking issues form to report it so Salford City Council can consider appropriate action.

Please note that completing the form does not guarantee the deployment of an ANPR enabled CCTV camera.

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