Friends of the cemeteries

The friends of cemeteries group was founded in 2000 by the council and local residents.

The main objective of the group is to provide a safe and pleasant place for people to visit and pay respects to their loved ones.

Service pledge

The city council has pledged that burial and cremation facilities are provided in an appropriate setting and in a dignified and correct manner.

Cemetery buildings will also be well maintained to ensure the safety and welfare of all people who work in and visit cemeteries in Salford. 

Improvements to date

Since the group met a number of suggestions have been implemented which have led to improvements being made to the service:

  • The main cemetery gates are opened at weekends to allow disabled and vehicle access.
  • Dog signs and bins have been positioned within the cemeteries to prevent fouling within the grounds
  • Information notice boards have been introduced to the cemeteries.
  • Improvements have been made in relation to specification and standard of grounds maintenance, including winter working programmes and also the use of a mechanical road sweeper.
  • Special locks have been purchased for all cemetery gates, to prevent unauthorised access out of normal hours.
  • Additional flower beds have been added to the main pathway within Weaste Cemetery.
  • The collection of surface water near the exit gates at Agecroft Cemetery has been resolved by constructing a drainage system to soak away the water.
  • Greater Manchester Police are now interested in attending some meetings to give support and feedback to the ongoing issues at Weaste Cemetery.
  • The Burial Chapel at Peel Green and Crematorium Chapel at Agecroft are regularly used for memorial services. These services are supported by the friends.
  • A working group has been formed with the Friends and a local school to provide education, field work and an understanding of the way in which cemeteries should be visited. This type of work has also been supported by the Health and Safety Executive.


The friends group meet every eight weeks in January, March, May, July, September and November on the third Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held at Salford Civic Centre in Swinton and start at 6.15pm.

If you would like to receive minutes and attend the next meeting, please contact either of the cemetery offices for further information.

Many topics are discussed at the meetings and wherever funds will allow, suggestions are implemented, so that better facilities are offered.

Grave owners and visitors are all invited to attend.

Friends identification

The group is committed to ensuring that the cemeteries are managed and maintained to a high standard. Members report and feed back any incidents of anti social or inappropriate behaviour that may take place from time to time. The group members have been issued with an identification badge so that their identity is known to other cemetery visitors, particularly out of hours, when incidents cannot be observed or actioned by council staff.

Please be assured that the friends group will act appropriately on behalf of the council. They will also feed back any connection with the management of the cemeteries.

Making suggestions

If you are not able to attend a future meeting but would like to take part in the improvement scheme, please write to either of the cemetery offices who will forward the correspondence to the next friends meeting.

Improving safety within cemeteries

The friends group appeal to everyone to report any incidents or acts which occur in cemeteries that are offensive and cause upset to other visitors. Basic details of dates, times and descriptions of offenders will help to identify problems to the police or to the city council.

Contact addresses and telephone numbers

Agecroft Cemetery office
Langley Road
M27 8SS

Telephone: 0161 686 7290
Fax: 0161 737 5538

Our cemetery offices are open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm.

Out of hours emergency contacts

  • Salford Civic Centre (outside office hours only): 0161 794 8888
  • Greater Manchester Police: 0161 872 5050
  • Community Police Officers (for Weaste Cemetery only): 0161 856 5084

This page was last updated on 28 April 2016

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