Frequently asked questions about taxis and private hire vehicles

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General questions

How do I apply for a private hire or hackney carriage badge?

To become a taxi driver with Salford City Council, you can make an application online.

The total cost for a licence application is £279, not including the fee that is paid to your GP for the medical report required once all tests have been completed. 

How do I renew my private hire or hackney carriage badge licence?

You can book an appointment online to renew your badge.

If you are over the age of 64 you will need to contact to book your appointment.

Tips for registering and managing your online account:

When registering your new account:

  • Make your log-in details as simple as possible. Don’t use spaces in your username or password.
  • Try and make your password something memorable to you.
  • Make sure you have a good, stable internet connection when you are registering your account.

Help is available for managing your online account:

Find out how to reset your password:

If you continue having difficulties registering or logging into your account you can attend one of our local Gateway Centres for assistance:

Get important coronavirus updates for Gateway Centres.

How do I sign up to the DBS update Service?

All licensed drivers must sign up to the DBS update service and maintain that registration to allow Salford City Council to routinely check for new information. You can find out more information and how to sign up on the GOV.UK website.

How do I apply for an operator’s licence?

You can apply to become an operator online.

Further information on operator’s licences can be found in our Taxi Licensing Policy.

I have changed my address. How do I update my licence?

You will need to make sure you have amended your DVLA licence before we can issue updated taxi licences.

Please send us a picture of your DVLA licence with the new address and we will update your badge and vehicle licences. 

How do I renew my taxi vehicle licence?

You can renew your vehicle online.

It costs £73 to renew a private hire vehicle and £147 to renew a hackney carriage vehicle. Once you have received approval for your vehicle you will need to go online to book a compliance test with VMS for an additional £50 (not including retests).

You will not be able to proceed with your vehicle test if you do not make the application to renew your vehicle beforehand.

How do I apply to licence a new taxi vehicle with Salford?

You can apply for a new taxi vehicle licence online.

You will need to provide the full V5 document for your vehicle before your application can be accepted.

Please ensure your vehicle meets our taxi licensing standards before making your application. You can find more information about the minimum requirements for a new vehicle licence in our Taxi Licensing Policy.

My taxi vehicle has been in an accident. What do I do?

You need to report the accident to us within 72 hours of the accident occurring. You can report the accident online.

This form is only for the use of owners/drivers of hackney carriage or private hire vehicles licensed with Salford City Council. 

How do I make a complaint about a taxi vehicle?

If the taxi vehicle is licensed with Salford City Council you can make a complaint online.

Please include as much information as possible regarding your complaint.

How do I transfer a taxi vehicle licence?

If you have purchased a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle licensed with Salford from another driver, you will need to transfer the licence into your name.

Please complete the transfer form below and return it to Licensing by email to

Once the form has been received, we will contact you to make payment of the £10 fee over the phone by debit or credit card.

How do I obtain a tax share code?

The rules changed on 4 April 2022, for anyone applying for a licence for a:

  • Taxi Driver
  • Private hire driver
  • Private hire operator

If you’re an individual, company or any type of partnership you must complete a tax check if you’re:

  • renewing a licence
  • applying for the same type of licence you previously held, that ceased to be valid less than a year ago
  • applying for the same type of licence you already hold with another licensing authority

You must provide a nine digit tax share code with your application. You can obtain the tax share code from the HMRC.

How do I see a list of all licensed taxi and private hire drivers and vehicles?

We have a list on our website where you can view taxi and private hire drivers and vehicles (Adobe PDF format). The list also tells you if the vehicles are wheelchair accessible.


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