Request a temporary road closure

Sometimes works on the highway (including building construction work), large deliveries or even certain sporting events require a road to be closed temporarily to general traffic.

Such closures will require a traffic regulation order to be published if more than five days. All costs involved for both the closure and diversion signing have to be met by the person requesting the closure.

As there is a legal and consultative process that needs to be undertaken, at least eight weeks' notice is required - for some closures this period may be up to three months in order to publicise a diversion route properly.

Temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO):

  • Emergency 21 day TTRO: £420 - leading time not applicable
  • Up to five days TTRO: £420 - leading time six weeks
  • TTRO for planned works over five days: £1,780 - leading time 12 weeks

Request temporary road closure online forms

This page was last updated on 4 July 2024

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