Adelphi/Bexley Square conservation area

Designation date 1978
Area 6.70 hectares (16.58 acres)
Listed building entries 10

Background information

The Adelphi/Bexley Square conservation area lies on the A6 corridor close to the city of Manchester. The conservation area is centred around St Philip's Church and is bounded by Adelphi Street, Cleminson Street, East Market Street and Chapel Street. A map showing the boundary of the conservation area is available to download at the end of the page. 

Whilst the original settlement at Salford was contained within the triangle bounded by the River Irwell, Chapel Street, Gravel Lane and Greengate the area rapidly became built up with new housing and industry, the latter being concentrated towards the river. As the effects of the industrial revolution became more apparent, so entrepreneurs and businessmen began to build town houses such as those in Encombe Place and the Crescent.

A growing population meant that there was also an increased demand for public building and for better administration. New churches were built in the late 18th century, several of which were in close proximity to Sacred Trinity Church. Of these only St Philip's now survives, the remainder having fallen victim to the outward movement of population experienced as 19th century redevelopment saw the replacement of domestic living accommodation by factories, offices and warehouses.

Conservation area appraisal

In July 2007, the council adopted an appraisal for the Adelphi/Bexley Square conservation area. This defines what is important about its character and appearance and identifies its special characteristics. It provides a basis for making decisions about the future management of the conservation area, helping to determine what might be appropriate development in and around its boundary. The conservation area appraisal and its associated documents are available to download at the bottom of the page.

Listed building entries within the conservation area Grade
6-12 Encombe Place II
Court House and attached gates and railings, Encombe Place II
Church of St Philip, St Philips Place II *
Eight bollards on west side of St Philips Church, Wilton Place II
Eleven bollards on south side of Church of St Philip, St Philips Place II
Railings, walls, gate piers and gates to Cathedral of St John, Chapel Steet II
Cathedral of St John and attached Cathedral House, Chapel Street II *
Salford Education Offices, Chapel Street II
Wall, archways and gates to courtyard of Town Hall, Bexley Square II
Town Hall, Bexley Square II

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