Cliff conservation area

Designation date 1976
Extension date August 1994 and 2008
Area 26.03 hectares (64.42 acres)
Listed building entries 11

Background information

The Cliff conservation area is situated to the west of Great Clowes Street and to the north of Great Cheetham Street West, lying on high ground that overlooks the River Irwell and the former Manchester Race course at Castle Irwell. A map showing the boundary of the conservation area is available to download at the bottom of the page.

There is no evidence of the earlier properties that existed at the Cliff due to the area's gradual change from a rural area to a residential suburb. The oldest house that now exists is Cliff House dating from 1817, which was the first of a number of large houses to be erected overlooking the River Irwell.

In the mid-19th century the majority of residents at the Cliff were members of the professional classes but a number of merchants also resided there. The Cliff was one of the earliest residential suburbs for "commuters" into Manchester and Salford. Whilst the layout of the Cliff was not as formal as areas such as Victoria Park in Manchester, it was a prototype for such later developments.

As the 19th century progressed the character of the area changed, due partly to improvements in the transport system which enabled people to live further away from the commercial centre and allowed clerical and similar workers to enter the area of Great Clowes Street and Lower Broughton Road.

In the 20th century the area underwent further change with many of the larger properties converted for multiple-occupation. However, the majority of the twelve listed buildings within the conservation area have remained in single ownership, ensuring that the western boundary which overlooks the River Irwell resembles that which appeared on the 1848 Ordnance Survey map.

Conservation area appraisal

In May 2008, the council adopted an appraisal for the Cliff conservation area. This defines what is important about its character and appearance and identifies its special characteristics. It provides a basis for making decisions about the future management of the conservation area, helping to determine what might be appropriate development in and around its boundary. The conservation area appraisal and its associated documents are available to download at the bottom of the page.

Boundary extensions - 1994 and 2008

In 1994 the conservation area boundary was extended to the south to include the playing fields, North Grecian Street primary school and the properties in between.

A further review of the conservation area boundary was undertaken as part of the appraisal process, and in May 2008 the boundary was extended to the north to include a small part of Kersal Vale wood as far as Bury New Road. This was done to encourage an improved visual link at the head of Lower Broughton Road into the wooded valley.

Listed building entries within the conservation area Grade
Cliff House, 461 Lower Broughton Road II
Scar Wheel House, 435 Lower Broughton Road II
Number 451 and Attached Former Coach House, Lower Broughton Road II
The Sports Pavilion, Lower Broughton Road II
457 and 459 Lower Broughton Road II
464 Lower Broughton Road II
466 Lower Broughton Road II
388 and 390 Lower Broughton Road II
437 Lower Broughton Road II
453 Lower Broughton Road II
455 Lower Broughton Road II

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