What is a complaint?

A complaint is any report of a problem with the service you are getting or trying to get from us, or a problem with things that we do or don't do.

What can I complain about?

You can make a complaint relating to the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act.

You may feel you have been treated unfairly or unlawfully, for example because of your disability, gender, sexuality or race.

A racist incident is any incident that is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.

Requests for service

First requests for a service (for example, when a housing repair is first reported) or requests for information, are not classed as complaints but they will be dealt with as quickly, politely and efficiently as possible.

You can use our online form to report a variety of problems, for example; issues with bins, overgrown trees, broken pavements, anti-social behaviour and lots more.

Complaints about councillors

If you would like to make a formal complaint about a councillor please read our guidance page before continuing.

Where should I make my complaint?

To enable us to deal with your complaint as quickly as possible you should direct your complaint to the local office or the place from which the service is provided. For example, this could be your local area housing office, the school concerned, social services team office, a neighbourhood office, library, Salford Community Leisure, or Salix Homes.

You may complete our complaints form if you wish.

Freedom of Information Act 2000

The complaints procedure regarding the handling of Freedom of Information Act requests is detailed on our Freedom of Information Act page.

Data Protection Act 2018

The complaints procedure regarding the handling of subject access requests is detailed on our Subject Access Request page.

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