From time to time we invite the local community to comment on plans, strategies and other initiatives in which the city council or other members of the local strategic partnership are involved.

This page provides access to information about current consultations:

Forums, friends groups

  • Cycling and walking forum - help promote cycling and walking related activities within the city
  • Friends groups - help develop Salford's parks
  • MAPAS - Salford's Music and Performing Arts Service
  • Friends of the cemeteries - join this working group to look at ways and ideas of improving the cemetery services
  • Landlord forum - a quarterly event which gives landlords the opportunity to interact with each other and to engage with the city council

What happens to your comments

Any comments submitted in respect of these consultations will be added to the associated file for later consideration.

Consultation is not simply about more open government, although that too is important. It is about making policies more effective by listening to and taking on board the views of the public and interested groups.

Listening to the public has a number of specific benefits:

  1. It allows the city council and its strategic partners to tap into the widest source of information possible, improving the quality of decisions reached
  2. It makes policy makers of any concerns and issues not picked up through existing evidence
  3. It helps to monitor existing policy and whether changes are needed

Responding to consultations? How we handle your personal data

Except where otherwise stated, we will always withhold personal information such as addresses in line with the privacy policy of this site. Responses from people who have asked for confidentiality will not be published at all.

More information

This page was last updated on 30 August 2023

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