Child safety

Starting Life Well aims to support childcare providers with information, advice and guidance on a range of topics.

Did you know that accidents are the second biggest killer of UK children. Thousands more children are left with injuries that take year to heal. The long term psychological impact on children and their families and friends can last a lifetime, as can the scars.

The steps that keep children safe from serious accidents are the small steps taken every single day. Be it putting their hot drink safely out of reach, awareness of choking hazards, teaching children how to cross the road safely, strapping children into their car seat each time or fitting, and regularly checking, smoke alarms.

Below is a fact sheet to download with tips to help avoid choking hazards, recently a child died in a day nursery in the UK after choking on a jelly cube during a free play session.

Encouraging the families you work with to take small steps to safety means that you can help reduce the chances of their children being needlessly killed, disabled or seriously injured as a result of preventable accidents.

By supporting child safety week you can make a big impact on the safety of children in your communities.

Small steps to safety is a booklet with useful safety information, the booklet is available as a download below.

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