Tracking progress through EYFS

The purpose of the revised Salford Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) tracker is to enable parents and practitioners to support children in meeting their potential by ensuring they are making progress in all areas of their development at the right rate according to the child's age and stage of development.

The revised Salford EYFS tracker should be used with all children attending an EYFS provision, from birth to five according to when they start accessing child care.

The tracker should be completed by practitioners, parents and children. It should be passed from setting to setting at times of transition to ensure continuity of development. 

Please ensure when you complete it that you are following a two step approach:  

  1. Highlight statements that a child can do independently, consistently and in a range of situations.
  2. Find the age band which is the best fit for the child and date that age band with the actual date.  

The tracker is available as a download below.

What to expect when?

In response to what to expect when? - a parents' guide to the EYFS, written by 4Children and supported by the DFE, Salford Starting Life Well have written a new alternative version of the EYFS tracker. The new tracker uses statements from the guide which are in much more 'parent-friendly' language. It was felt that this would be useful as it makes so much sense to use a tracker that both parents and practitioners can understand. This tracker and the supporting document are available to download below.

Downloadable documents


Please note that these trackers have been designed for print purposes.

If you are unable to view documents of these types, our downloads page provides links to viewing software.

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