Nursery milk scheme

The government is making changes to the nursery milk scheme. All early years settings will receive free nursery milk through a direct supplier.

Childcare providers will have to register for the scheme, indicating the number of children they care for.

Who can apply for approval

  • A registered childminder
  • A registered day care provider
  • A local authority which provides day care
  • Those providing day care to children under five in schools or establishments that are exempt from registration
  • Those providing day care in a nursery or creche for the children (under five years old) of management and staff of certain establishments (eg children's homes, voluntary or community homes, NHS hospitals which are exempt from registration)

Note: Day care provided for less than two hours in a day does not qualify for approval under the scheme. Parents and relatives of the child and privately employed nannies are also not eligible under the scheme.

Please visit the nursery milk scheme website for more details.

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