H-bar parking enforcement

What are H-bars

H-bar markings are white lines that are marked on the road across a dropped kerb. The lines highlight to other road users that they shouldn't block access to off-road parking areas, such as driveways and garages.


A H-bar marked on the highway is not enforceable by a Civil Enforcement Officer, however, if the H-bar is indicating a footway which has been dropped to allow lawful vehicular access across the footway, possibly to gain access to or from off street parking such as a driveway, then upon request a Civil Enforcement Officer, if available, may investigate the complaint to assess whether a contravention of dropped footway parking has occurred.

How to make a request

EmailĀ parking.services@salford.gov.uk with the vehicle registration details, make and colour details at the time the vehicle is parked.

We will strictly only consider requests for an officers attendance if an 'on-the-day' email request is received from a resident and where a full or half access to the driveway is blocked. A vehicles overhang causing difficult entry or exit from a drive would be only antisocial behaviour which our officers do not enforce.

Our office hours

Please note our office hours are limited to Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm, outside of these times the matter would need reporting to the police PCSO`s.

PCSO`s have powers to attend and take action where a vehicle is stopping a resident from exiting their driveway and this can be reported to them on their 101 number.

When we might not be able to attend

Investigation of your complaint would be subject to officer availability, so at busy times like in the morning or afternoon school rush hours, it is unlikely they would be able to attend for several hours whilst they undertake other enforcement duties.

The council are not in the position to arrange regular visits by officers to inspect whether or not your vehicular access is being blocked.

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