Leaving the EU (European Union)

Leaving the European Union will mean changes and the government has launched a website to help people and businesses prepare as best they can.

Leaving the EU website

It’s a very fluid and fast changing situation, with much speculation about what may or may not happen. 

Salford City Council is prepared to respond should any of this speculation turn into reality. It’s all part of the council’s planning and readiness to deal with a wide range of emergency situations, many of which, fortunately, never arise.

Settled status for EU citizens

Leaving the EU will affect the status of EU citizens living and working in this country.

From 30 March 2019 anyone in this position who wishes to continue living and working in Britain will need to begin the process of applying for settled status. Employers will also need to verify that all of their employees have the legal right to live and work in Britain or will face penalties.

Applications for settled status must be made online and there is free internet access and help to get online at every Salford Gateway centre and libraries. 


The government’s website has extensive information about how leaving the EU may affect businesses.

The Greater Manchester GC Business Growth Hub which supports business across the city region has also produced a guide and has advisors available to provide help.  

Exporting food and drink products

If the UK leaves without a deal, Salford City Council’s regulatory services officers can support certain food and drink exporters.

Experienced inspection officers can sign Export Health Certificates (EHCs) to assure the destination authorities that the products meet UK and EU food safety requirements as a minimum, as well as any additional conditions required.

Inspections/checks will be required to verify the requirements of the certificate have been met and this will be at a cost of £79 per hour.

Please note that for certain EHCs for products of animal origin, e.g. fishery products being exported to China, Salford City Council cannot provide this service as signing officials must be included on a list held by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). Please check before contacting Salford City Council.

To request an EHC please email Environmental Health

Travel to Europe

Leaving the EU will mean changes and the government’s website has information about passports, driving abroad and overseas home ownership.

Racist or hateful speech

Sadly uncertain times can lead to community tensions but Salford is proud of the wide range of people who make up our amazing city.

Differing views on leaving the EU mean the potential for causing upset and distress is high. Please be respectful of others at all times.

Racist and hateful speech and hate crime has no place in Salford and there is support available if necessary. 

This page was last updated on 4 September 2019

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