Furniture and other provision

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In an emergency, please contact Salford Assist who may be able to offer you short term assistance with essential furniture if you are in a crisis, emergency or major disaster situation as well as referral routes to longer term support. Check to see if you meet Salford Assist's eligibility criteria and fill out an online application form or contact the team on 0800 694 3695.

  • Affordable second-hand furniture can be purchased from Emmaus Salford Charity Shops. The organisation can be accessed at:
    • Emmaus Salford Community Homestore, Emmaus House, 101 Fitzwarren Street, Salford M6 5RQ
    • Emmaus Salford Emporium, 162-170 Partington Lane, Swinton, Salford, M27 0WN
    • Emmaus Salford Seaford Road Shop, 100 Seaford Road, Salford M6 6EP
  • You can visit the British Heart Foundation Salford Furniture and Electrical Store at 83-84 Raven Way, Salford, UK, M6 5HT
  • For help with school uniforms, children’s toys, books, bedding, baby equipment and toiletries ask a teacher, social worker, health visitor, midwife or support worker or Salford Citizen’s Advice to refer you to Wood Street Mission, Salford Baby Bank or Visit from the Stork.
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